Who controls the flow and energy of the District 109 Spring Conference?  Carol Bausor will be our Mistress of Ceremony and she will guide participants through the District 109 Conference Program. An amazing experience is guarantee!




Social Program is now available!

Fun Activities Agenda, Information and Registration available here



We are glad to announce the location of the Gala evening of the District 109 Spring Conference: Le cisterne del Palazzo Ducale, one of the oldest and prestigious buildings of the city.

Start to thinking about your outfit!



Toastmasters Contests are not only about public speaking, but also a way to train your leadership skills serving as contest chair or chief judge. If you want to cross the contest stage, fill the form below to propose yourself! Time limit is the 1st of April!

Click here and complie the form



We are thrilled to announce Manoj Vasudevan as District 109 Spring Conference keynote speaker.

Manoj is the 2017 Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking with the famous speech “Pull Less, Bend More” leaving behind over 35,000 aspirants from 142 countries in World’s largest speech contest (here you can watch the video (

His career starts as electrical engineer and was not always a world-class public speaker. When he was not promoted by his organization to the next level as he lacked what it took to be at next level he decide to study to build five core skills, public speaking being one of them. He joined Toastmasters in 2008 but says he was so “petrified” of public speaking that it took him nine months to give his first speech and now is the Global Next level Leadership expert helping executives and entrepreneurs to get to the next level in their career, business and life.

Unlock your potential! That’s Toastmasters magicManoj2



We are glad to announce the venue of District 109 Spring Conference: “Quadrivium”, in the heart of the city, near to Piazza Corvetto and to one of the most famous among “palazzi dei rolli”, i.e. Palazzo Spinola.

Sala Quadrivium, Piazza Santa Marta, 2, 16121 Genova GE



Dear Toastmasters of District 109 and friends!

Do you love to Coach, Speak and Inspire with a Creative, Surprising and Innovative mindset, supported by Charisma, Servant Leadership and Integrity? If your answer is yes, then we like you to apply for a workshop within the CSI Genoa workshop initiative at this year’s District 109 spring conference “All Pathways lead to Genoa”.

Please use this link: CSI Genoa Workshop

Good luck!

We are curiously waiting for your response until 31 Mar 2019 latest.

Your CSI Genoa Workshop Coordination Team








#JoinTheJourney Raffle Winners!

Here the winners numbers of #JoinTheJourney Raffle.

1. 3821
2. 3746
3. 3776
4. 3899
5. 3826
6. 3774
7. 3807
8. 3849
9. 3793

Numbers are the one used by EasySpeak tool to register your raffle partecipations.

Check your inbox

Watch the Raffle Extraction Video

You are not a winner? Don’t give up! We are preparing for you an amazing event and you cannot miss District 109 Spring Conference. Book your ticket now here Registration


Spring District Conference, Genoa 2019


spring conference 2019

Genoa from May 17th to 19th, 2019

On a long spring weekend, colors and voices will arouse our senses: Toastmasters from South Central and Eastern Europe will get together and celebrate 3 days of excellence in public speaking!

Let’s join the most outstanding event our newborn District 109 has ever experienced!

Excellence in workshops, personal growth, professional development and first-class contests in English, German, French and Italian that will demonstrate the unique attributes of our members.

The diversity that unites us and guides us towards excellence will be celebrated. Every participant will feel welcomed, happy, entertained, inspired and proud of being part of District 109: a network of experienced communicators and passionate leaders!

Regular tickets will be on sale from January 1 st, 2019 but starting from NOW you can register to get you chance to be selected as one of the free participants!

If you’re lucky you will join the District 109 Spring Conference without even buying the ticket!

Take part in the #JoinTheJourney RAFFLE!
You may win one of the 10 free tickets available!

  1. Register at this link within December 24 th (no payment needed)
  2. The draw will take place on January 1 st 2019
  3. The 10 winners will be notified via email and shall collect their ticket by January 15th, 2019

What are you waiting for?

Stay tuned on and follow us un Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

#JoinTheJourney – Together, Beyond!

Further information and contact details:



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