Conference Team

Get to know the talented individuals who power the District 109 Spring Conference!

We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds but all of us share the core values that allow us to create the most outstanding event our newborn District 109 has ever experienced!

Luigi Giancardi_meta
Luigi Giancardi (Conference Chair)

Luigi was born and currently lives in Genoa, where he works as Software Engineer.

A few years ago he was inspired by a statement from Agile Manifesto – Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” – and decided to become an Agile Coach.

With this goal in mind, in 2016 he joined Toastmasters to improve his communication and leadership skills. He’s been serving his club since then, first as SAA, then VPE and President. He was a finalist at Division G Spring Conference 2017 (International speech contest, English evaluation) and served as Venue Chair for the organization of D59 Division G Spring Conference 2018 (#SetSail4Genoa).

His dream? Bringing to his beloved hometown the most outstanding event our newborn District has experienced!!! Let’s spread Toastmadness Together, in Genoa and Beyond!

Amalia Crugnale_meta
Amalia Crugnale (Hospitality Manager)

Amalia is an Abruzzese born and bred. She moved to Milan in 2003 for her studies, where she achieved a master’s degree in finance and Business Management.

Amalia’s career bought her to Genoa, where she works as a Client Services Manager in a Global Insurance and Reinsurance company. Over the last 8 years she has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the International Insurance industry by travelling and working in France and the UK.

Amalia is the Vice President Education of The Lighthouse Toastmaster Genova, and her key role is to educate, encourage and retain club members. She gives support to the VP Public Relations and General Secretary, and she is proud to be one of the founding members who formed the new club in the heart of the city Centre in 2018.

She was inspired to join Toastmasters as she was new to Genoa, and she wanted to improve her public speaking and leadership skills, whilst meeting new people.

Amalia enjoys long walks with her sausage dog and traveling. She has keen interests in antiques and cuisine.

Amalia’s motto in life is “Try and fail, but never fail to try”, so go for it, no matter how it ends, it was an experience!

Abndrea Frascoli_meta
Andrea Frascoli (Registration Chair)

After a long International experience in Business Management, with a focus in Project Design and Operations in the Home and Building Automation sector, I moved to Genoa at the beginning of 2018 where I started to work in the Power Generation sector within the Global Quality Management Team. Along the way, I decided to capitalize on and consolidate my managerial approach by attending the MIP Graduate Business School of Polytecnic University in Milan obtaining, in addition to the Master in Management (MIM), the Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Specialist qualification. Thanks to this, Innovation at work and Continuous Improvement became my mission.

I’m Sommelier for passion.

Despite being a very young member of Erzelli Toasters Club, I immediately found this experience very exciting by becoming Treasurer of the Club and Conference Chair of the Spring Conference. In my spare time I am an interim support at the ExComm of The Lighthouse Toastmasters Genova.

Carla Marcenaro_meta
Carla Marcenaro (PR Chair)

Carla is an Electronic Engineer; she was born and currently lives in Genoa. She believes Genoa is one of the best cities to live, because you can physically touch history by visiting historical center: the largest in Europe and mentioned in UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, in Genoa you can benefit from the presence of sea and mountains without the need for long journeys. During the winter, it is often possible to play with snow in the morning on the mountains, then go and relax by the sea in the afternoon.

Carla, as a perfect Genoese, is reserved but once the “ice is broken” you will discover an enthusiastic, generous, motivating person.

Her dream is to implement the Youth Leadership Program in Genoa, in the highest number of school possible.

And if you can dream it, you can do it!

Carlo Brozzo_meta
Carlo Brozzo (Venue Chair)

In my early life, I was a professional “analogue” photographer.

Until 1990 I worked in the field of fashion, entertainment and advertising. For my own research, I have always loved portraits and glamour. I then embarked on another career and hung the camera to nail, limiting myself to photograph children and holidays.

From the early nineties I have been working in the field of communication: I sold training products, I created websites and integrated communication projects, I was director of human resources and today I’m a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and director of training and communication in a large company.

I am also a journalist and I have started again taking pictures in 2013 as a professional “digital” sports photographer. I do love teaching photography composition and post-production with Adobe Lightroom. I joined the Erzelli Toasters in June 2017 and I am a Table Topic addicted.

Daniela Mercadante_meta
Daniela Mercadante (Secretary)

Daniela was born and currently lives in Genoa; since the very beginning of her life she loved to mount / fix / disassemble things, including the TV in her bedroom! No wonder she ended up taking a Computer Engineering degree.

After building some experience in consulting companies she moved to a multinational company where she’s been working for 13 years up until now.

Daniela likes challenges and is tenacious in achieving her goals.

She joined Toastmasters because defeating the fear of speaking in public represented THE challenge: she actively participate to her club activities and is currently Secretary of the club too.

Davide Bricoli_meta
Davide Bricoli (Sponsorships)

Over 20 years of experiences in Research & Development, Quality Management, Continuous Improvement and Lean & Agile transformation made Davide a proactive player, which is able to challenge and motivate organizations to experiment and deploy new processes, methods and even mindsets to fulfill their efficiency and business needs.

He has a true passion for swimming, and he’s always keen to share insights about his many interests such as Classic Rock of 70s’, history of the Roman Empire, genuine Genoese cuisine, BMW cars, and even Oriental carpets.

Davide was Treasurer and currently VPM in his home Club, the Erzelli Toasters; he also vested the role of Finance Chair of the D59 Division G Spring Conference 2018 (#SetSail4Genoa).

Frank Kaiser (Workshop Chair)

Born and raised in Germany, I spent the first 10 years of my professional career in architecture field before switching to Systems and Software Engineering in IT sector as a consultant for several industries. I moved to Switzerland in 2014 due to a job offer from my current employer.

This job offer couldn’t be refused. Reference to a famous movie quote is intentional.

To relax myself from the daily work hassle I play Ukulele, travel around with my wife and cannot resist to good food. Genoa, be ready for that!

I stumbled into Toastmaster in June 2017 at a demo event and I was captured from day 1. Toastmaster is a “positive box of Pandora” for me. The conference in Athens in 2018 was an additional eye-opener in many aspects. I served and serve as club officer in my home corporate club Toastmaster GE Baden (as Sergeant At Arms) and I’m also president of the bilingual community club Tastmaster Baden. As a member of the ALLeGRO! event organization and education team I hope to put the knowledge I gained to good use for Genoa conference workshop coordination and beyond.

“Do or do not! No try there is.” Yoda… that’s my way.

Giada Sartori_meta
Giada Sartori (Fun Chair)

Giada has been an active member and officer of Toastmasters since 2016. Former Vice President Education of UBS Rhetoric Club to current Area E2 Director, Giada has contributed to the expansion of her clubs in terms of mentoring opportunities and leadership achievements.

Over the past 5 years, Giada has been working as a product manager and financial analyst for both start-ups and large financial corporates, which experience proved her to foster her leadership skills, as well as and communication expertise.                       

Her passion is to see people become the master of their life. Her motto: “Live brighter than your dreams”.

Lorenzo Muti (Education Chair)

Lorenzo is 33 years old, in Toastmasters since 2015. He was born on an island and currently lives in Milan.

He works as IT solution architect in a digital agency with a strong IT core: he helps companies to spread their name in the Chinese market.

In his free time, Lorenzo tries to find some time to sleep between the hundreds of passion he has: capoeira, music, friends, training and, of course, Toastmasters! He was Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms and currently is VPE assistant in his home club, The Xplorers Toastmasters.

He helped to organize the D59 Fall Conference 2017 in Milan (SpeakToMI) with the bizarre title of Website Ninja.

Paolo Grasso_meta
Paolo Grasso (Finance Chair)

Paolo Grasso is the President of The Lighthouse Toastmasters Genoa, which is situated in the heart of Genova’s old town. He has been a senior manager in the healthcare sector for 30 years; he is also a chartered and holds a Degree in Economics.

He was introduced to Toastmasters only a year ago and, by fully immersing himself into the process, he immediately understood the limitless possibilities it represented for personal growth.

His motto both in life and in Toastmasters is “to have fun while improving”, by working professionally, acquiring new skills, and playing sports albeit at amateur level.

As President, his aim is to evolve the club in this way. Every meeting is lively and really enjoyable! In the last six months, his Club has welcomed 26 new members and still counting.